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Horoscope Scorpion

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Cette semaine :
du 18/03/2019 au 25/03/2019

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Votre semaine

If you are still single, you will feel like proving to your latest fling how caring and attentive you can be this week! In a relationship, the Mercury/Pluto sextile will help you find ways to make your lover feel so special!

Votre week-end

With the presence of the Moon/Lilith trine, spicing up your sex life will be your only priority this weekend! You will be in the mood to do it two or even three times a day, my Scorpio friend... Impressive!

Nos conseils

Some things are more important than sex in a relationship, my Scorpio friend. Make sure you and your partner don't run out of things to talk about anytime soon. Take an interest in some of the things they like!

Votre Signe ami

Adepte des siestes coquines et des nuits câlines, vous userez de tous vos atouts pour faire fondre la glace du Capricorne...

Le Signe à éviter

La Vierge vous surprendra par son comportement inhabituellement jaloux. Vous la découvrirez sous un nouveau jour qui ne vous plaira guère...